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4x4 Specialist

This website is designed to help the growing numbers of 4x4 owners in the UK. Whether you are considering buying a 4x4 vehicle or selling an off-road vehicle 4x4 specialist is here to help.

Maintenance and servicing of 4x4 vehicles are important issues and covered in the site.

If you want to buy a four by four vehicle then you may want to finance or lease the 4x4.

You will also be able to hire a 4x4 vehicle from the site.

4 wheel drive vehicles are superb for towing trailer and caravans. Motorhomes and campervans come with 4 wheel drive - these are superb for thrashing the road and climbing the hills abroad.

Four Wheel Drive autos are specialist motor vehicles. You can expect comfort, power, safety and reliability form the worlds best 4 wheel drive vehicles. 4 Wheel Drive vehicles come in Off Road 4WD cars, 4WD utes, 4WD campers, 4WD campervans, 4WD Motorhomes and 4WD RV'S - Recreational vehicles. - that's where we can help! Because of our wide network, it is very convenient to select a 4WD for all or just part of your adventure. You can get accommodation in motels, or use the camping areas all over this great country - the choice is yours.

Driving a 4 x 4 doesn't mean you can't get stuck in the mud or that you can simply drive up anything, but it improves your chances of driving further, with possibly more safety than a conventional vehicle on some roads. Braking distances on rough roads are longer and, at high speeds, a 4x4 can be less stable than a traditional car.

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