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When you buy a 4x4 vehicle you are sometimes entering into a whole new world. It opens up opportunities to really enjoy the vehicle you drive and to explore its capabilities. If you are new the world of 4x4 vehicles then you may not appreciate just what even the most basic 4x4 vehicle can manage off-road. To see a 4x4 off-road in experienced hands is quite special. You can see the axles working in all directions as the driver has ultimate control of the vehicle.

You may want to learn to drive off-road or you may be an experienced off-roader or may enjoying viewing classic 4x4 vehicles. Whatever your interest you will find a 4x4 event of interest. From Cornwall to Sutherland, from Highlands of Scotland to Edinburgh at any time of the year you will find something to see or an event to compete in.

Some people purchase a 4x4 vehicle as a means to an end, for instance to tow a boat or to use the seven seats for the school run. However once they discover what the vehicle can do they get the bug and become 4x4 anoraks!
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